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Google Places Visibility Is The Best ROI For A Local Business – 4 Optimization Techniques

Google places visibility is what a local business owner needs first before SEO don’t get me wrong, SEO has its place but it is best suited if you have a business you market globally or strictly online.Plus SEO takes longer to get results than Google Places visibility which can just take days if you know how to optimize your listing.With Google places visibility a local business has its telephone on show, maps and directions not to talk of reviews that any local searcher within mostly a five mile radius can verify and contact straight away.With the new buzz on local mobile, searchers are increasingly searching for local businesses via their mobile phones on the go. Because of that Google has made all Google places visibility listings mobile friendly. Which means the listing is optimized for a viewing on mobile phone.4 Key Optimization Techniques To A Successful Google Places Visibility Listing Are:1. Fill out all the boxes.

Go to
Click get started
Add new listing
Complete name, address and telephone
Complete website address
Enter category
Add your own category for your target keywords
Hours of operation
Select all visitors come to this addressImportant: Listing Rules

No location in the business title.
Only one listing per address
Unique telephone number per listing
Don’t spam
Don’t keyword spam2. Add 10 images

You can use any images that represent your business
Important: name the file the keyword you want to rank for (e.g plumberliverpool.jpg)3. Create videos from the images

Use to put it together. 30-60 seconds is enough
Important: Call the video FILE the keyword you want to rank for (eg plumberliverpool.avi)4. Upload videos to

Use keywords as title, description, and tags
Enter business name, telephone, address and descriptionA lot of local businesses have been sold to death by SEO companies taunting first page Google when what they really need is Google Places visibility.Come to think of it you are still on the first page for your keywords and higher up because Google gives preference to local search and what would take months o achieve with SEO would only take days with a well optimized Google Places visibility listing.Only 3% of local businesses worldwide have claimed their listing so it is easier to get seen by local consumers if they are optimized. With these guidelines a small business cannot go wrong.